What are YouTube Bumper Ads?

In this blog post, I am going to share What are Bumper Ads, the Cost, How it works? and Instructions for How to create Bumper Ad campaigns via Google Ads.

Are YouTube Bumper Ads skippable?

The answer is No.

YouTube Bumper Ads, Cost & Effectiveness

A bumper Ads is a six-second video format ideal for driving brand reach and frequency available through Google Ads as an add-on to traditional campaigns. Bumper Ads are sold on a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) basis, extending the impact of creative in a mobile-first way and perfect for the moments when people are in a hurry or on the go.

YouTube Bumper Ads - TimeZ Marketing

YouTube continues to become one of the top Digital Marketing Acquisition channels driving and nurturing leads through the BoFu, MoFu, and ToFu. CPA cost compared to other acquisition channels is relatively low.

Consumers engage with videos in ever-evolving ways: for inspiration, guidance, education, entertainment, and even as a confidence booster for key decision-making moments.

On YouTube, nearly 2 billion viewers each month seek out and engage with content that feels tailored to them. 

How YouTube Bumper Ads work

  • Videos must be 6 seconds or shorter. Viewers can’t skip your ad.
  • A view of your bumper ad won’t increment the video’s YouTube view count.
  • Bumper ads use target CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding. Your pay each time your ad is shown 1,000 times. 
  • Bumper ads often work well when they run along with TrueView ads. The short format can be especially effective on mobile when people are often watching videos on the go.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to set up a bumper video campaign in Google Ads.

YouTube Bumper Ads Examples

YouTube Bumper Ads Leaderboard: Global Edition

Instructions Creating Bumper Ads

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating bumper video ad campaigns:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Campaigns in the page menu, and then click the blue plus button and select New campaign.
  3. Select the brand awareness and reach the goal.
  4. Select the video campaign type.
  5. Select Bumper.
  6. Enter a campaign name. 
  7. Set your budget. Choose networks, locations you want to target, the language of your customers, and any advanced settings. 
  8. Enter an ad group name.
  9. Enter your Target CPM bid.
  10. Under “Create your video ad,” enter the URL of your YouTube video (the video must be 6 seconds or shorter) and follow the steps to create your video ad.
  11. Under “Video ad format,” select Bumper ad.
  12. Enter the video’s final URL, display URL, and URL options. 
  13. Choose whether you want to auto-generate the video’s companion banner (recommended) or upload an image.
  14. Enter your ad name, then click Save and continue

YouTube Pumper Ads Tips

  • Keep it simple: less is definitely more
  • Include a short and snappy product showcase
  • Tease, amplify and echo

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