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Web Hosting: What to Look for When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Today there are so many web hosting provider that is very difficult if not impossible, to figure out which hosting provider is really able to guarantee the best hosting solution at the best price. There are hosting companies that offer a monthly price that can vary from a minimum of $ 4 to $ 20 for shared hosting, to the more expensive at $ 50.00 a month for the VPS hosting. There are also providers offering dedicated server starting from $ 190 to $ 500 per month.

So the best advice before choosing the web hosting service, is to decide the real requirements of your website, looking around to keep your budget at a price ranging from $ 200 to $ 500 per year. Of course, there are also thousands of companies offering free web hosting service, but this choice is to be avoided, unless you’re looking for a free service to have a website just for fun.

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Generally this free hosting services have too many limitation and a lot of advertisements. If you have a business online, it is advisable to avoid free web hosting services due to possible server downtime, limitations in bandwidth and hard disk storage, few email addresses, only one database, no ftp account and so on.

A professional web hosting provider is the best choice for your business website because you’ll have more and more resources available to get the best results in the management of your online business. Moreover, you will have access to a variety of tools, such as statistics, traffic reports, which pages visitors surf, what resources they come from (e.g. search engines, referrers, or direct navigation etc.).

The web hosting company of your choice should have a sound infrastructure, must be in the web hosting market for at least one year, have financial stability and last but not least, a superb customer support service for you 24/7 in order to give you all the necessary support to fix any problem on your website. Usually the best company will answer to your questions within 15 minutes. A good test is to open a ticket to see if you get a live, level 3 support.

While researching for a web hosting companies, you must be sure you can host e-commerce script, blogs, forums, mobile website and all the scripts available to help you manage your business website. If you expect to receive a large amount of traffic, be also sure to have a huge quantity of bandwidth and CPU usage, so that visitors will not experience downtime while browsing the site. This is definitely something to avoid because if a visitor experience that it takes a long time to load the web page, he or she will leave your site to visit another, and probably he or she will never come back.

Written By: WolfingerStain