User Friendly Website Development

User Friendly Website Development

With a focused content strategy, you’ll see better engagement from your users and help them become repeat customers. User experience focused marketing doesn’t just extend to an optimized experience on your website. It’s time that our content strategies focus on the user as much as our homepage design does. Similarly when devising your SEO strategy, one must focus on site structure, user experience, homepage design, site speed and how many people make it through the funnel.


Following are four tips will provide direction as you plan, create, and implement your content strategy.

Think: Users First

USER EXPERIENCE strategists have a gift for keeping the user at the center of everything they create. You should do the same when it comes to creating your content strategy. Instead of deciding whether you should focus on white papers or how-to guides, think about what types of content and information your users want or need from a business with your expertise.



Customer Experience is King and Clutter Kills Conversions

Above all, USER EXPERIENCE strives to deliver the ideal experience to users. USER EXPERIENCE professionals know that in order for a first-time buyer to become a repeat customer and a brand advocate, their experience needs to be spectacular from the beginning. This mindset needs to extend to your content strategy.



People Make Snap Judgments

USER friendliness reviews take into account the visual appeal of a user interface. The end goal or most important information on a page should be clear. A good UI uses white space to its advantage and makes the information easy to navigate. Content you create should follow the same guidelines.



Funnel Analysis Can Tell You What Types of Content Your Users Need and When They Need it

A good USER friendliness analysis includes a breakdown of website goal funnels to identify the primary pain points for users. Before you roll out a content plan, find the areas of your conversion processes that are causing users to bail. Think about when you can deliver content to those users that will help push them through your sales funnel.






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