Responsive Design Increases Results of Your Online Marketing

Responsive Design Increases Results of Your Online Marketing

As a marketer we are focused on performing certain specific tasks, such as developing email campaigns, building links, creating content, and constantly updating social media networks. In order for the tasks to work at its full potential of results, we need to configure a responsive theme website. A responsive theme can be defined as a theme which can be easily viewed and navigated both over desktops and mobile devices OR Responsive design allows users on any device – desktop, smartphone, or tablet – to have the same experience. Some businesses choose to go with a mobile-only and desktop-only experience, but the trouble with this is the lack of consistency between the two. 

Mobile Devices Statistics:

  • 60 percent of Internet access is made on a mobile device. (InMobi)
  • 51 percent of emails are now opened on mobile devices. (Litmus)
  • The majority of mobile consumers use search in the shopping process. Forty-eight percent start on search engines. (Google)
  • 70 percent of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour. That’s assuming that the website is mobile-friendly, otherwise 40 percent will choose another result. (iAcquire)
  • 60 percent of social media time is spent on smartphones and tablets as opposed to desktop browsers. (Business Insider)


The statistics reveal that every aspect of our online marketing efforts, email, content, search and social is affected by mobile. Every year more and more people are doing their searches on mobile devices which make it important to create a responsive theme flexible with all mobile and desktop devices.

Responsive design will help support your online marketing efforts in the following ways:

  • Content Marketing: When people are browsing their Feedly subscriptions and post from your blog comes up, they will be able to not only read it on their mobile device if you have a responsive blog design, but they will even be able to use your social sharing buttons.
  • Social Media Marketing: When people click on a promoted offer from your Facebook page on their mobile device, they’ll be able to purchase the promoted item just like they would on their desktop browser.
  • Email Marketing: When people open an email with a responsive template, they will be able to read it no matter what device they use. Most importantly, when they click on a link from that email, if the website design is also responsive, they will have no issues browsing the website.
  • Search Marketing: When people click on a link to your website from search results, if you have a responsive website design, they will be able to get to that page and be able to consume the information they need. If the page in search isn’t included in your mobile-only design, they might get redirected to a homepage and never make it to the page they want.


How Responsive Design Increases the Results of Your Online Marketing – SEW.

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