What is Reputation Management?

Online Business Reputation Management is aimed to boost online visibility and drive visitors to a website by assisting the reputation of a business within search engines. Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation.

How does Brand Reputation affect SEO?

Google isn’t just about checking places like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online review sites like Yelp or Facebook, Instead, they ask their raters to test a wide variety of sources, including (somewhat surprisingly) Wikipedia.

What to do if your Business Reputation is Negative?

Google states that a webpage cannot be given a High rating if the site has a negative reputation at all. They also focus on fraudulent and malicious reputations, and state websites with that lousy reputation should always be given the lowest rating. When looking at negative reputation in malicious or fraudulent areas, it includes things such as financial fraud reports, overwhelmingly negative reviews, negative reviews from watchdog sites and negative news reports, misleading business information, fake reviews or even phony business.

How to get Positive Brand Reputation?

A positive reputation is based on prestigious awards or recommendations from known experts or professional societies on the topic of the website. Wikipedia and other informational sources can be a good starting point for reputation research.

Do small sites need to worry about Brand Reputation?

Some sites might not have Yelp reviews or be large enough for many people to be writing about how awesome (or not) they are. Google also has guidelines for smaller sites (Small businesses) and how raters might consider reputation in those cases.

5 Steps to Fixing a Negative Review

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Evaluate the situation
  3. Confirm if the review is Fake or Real
  4. Understand the issue
  5. Respond to the customer review

At TimeZ Marketing (Reputation Management Company ) we have the professional expertise to improve/increase your site’s reputation or get rid of any negative reputation it might have. Reputation is gaining importance day by day and has become a factor in Google Page Ranks.

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