Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay per click is an effective way to boost traffic to a website. If you want to secure ads on Google search results, contact us we provide consultation and develop test ads to show how paid marketing can be a great source of lead generation for your website. At TimeZ Marketing, we have 7 years of progressive experience in Ad-words account management serving clients in San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto and surrounding cities. TimeZ Marketing has the expertise you need to develop effective ads with higher CTR.

One of the advantages of traditional advertising is that it’s simple. Companies can purchase airtime on radio or television or ad space in newspapers or in magazines. But the internet is different. In the past two decades technology revolutionized how businesses market products and services. There are many ways a business can get their message across online, from articles to emails to search engine results pages. But arguably the most effective form of virtual marketing is pay-per-click.

What is Adwords?

Also called cost per click, these charges are assessed by the publisher of your online ads each time they are clicked. These banner ads typically appear on websites or on search engine results pages. For the major search engines, advertisers often have to bid on relevant keyword phrases that will make your ad appear on the screen when they are searched. For example, let’s say you bid on the keyword phrase “cosmetic dentist in Fort Lauderdale,” your banner ad will be featured on the search results page each time that keyword phrase is typed into a search engine.

How Google Adwords works?

Pay-per-click services may be more expensive than other forms of internet advertising, but it is also more expeditious. Using search engine optimization (SEO), which is a series of strategies and tricks designed to improve your website search ranking, can take weeks even months. Advertisers have to develop original content such as blogs and articles and either link them or post them directly on their websites. But even, after all, that hard work, there is no guarantee that traffic to their website will greatly increase. With pay-per-click services, on the other hand, traffic should increase almost immediately.

How much does it cost?

The growing popularity of search engines has caused substantial price increases for banner ads in recent years. A search engine like Google, for example, charges an average of $0.84 per click, which is more than twice as expensive as it was in 2005. Of course, Google is the most visited website on the internet, so advertisers are gaining access to a huge pool of potential customers when they buy banner ads on it.

Campaign Optimization:

TimeZ Marketing has systems which continually monitor and analyze all of the clicks, conversions, leads, traffic sources, etc. to ensure you are receiving the best traffic possible for your particular ad budget.

Decisions are an important aspect of Business and is critical to for its survival. Here at, TimeZ online Marketing we give you all the information you need to make informed business decisions. Our systems allow us to track 100% interactions occurred in the website.

If you are located in San Francisco and San Jose we offer free on-site visit to review accounts, learn about your business goals and provide relevant feedback based on analysis and review of accounts.