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How are quality checkers checking reputation?

Google isn’t just about checking places like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and online review sites like Yelp, or Face book, Instead they ask their raters to check a wide variety of sources, including (somewhat surprisingly) Wikipedia.

Reputation research is important when giving highest ratings. Very positive reputation is often based on prestigious awards or recommendations from known experts or professional societies on the topic of the website. Wikipedia and other informational sources can be a good starting point for reputation research. How does Wikipedia record an award or recommendation from known expert or professional?

Some sites might not have Yelp reviews or be large enough for many people to be writing about how awesome (or not) they are. Google also has guidelines for smaller sites (Small businesses) and how raters might consider reputation on those cases.

For some topics, such as humor or recipes, less formal expertise is OK.For these topics, popularity, user engagement, and user reviews can be considered evidence of reputation. For topics which need less formal expertise, websites can be considered to have a positive reputation if they are highly popular and well-loved for their topic or content type, and are focused on helping users. This reiterates the importance of blog in every website.

Extremely Negative or Malicious Reputation

Perks of a great reputation

Google is definitely putting emphasis on the importance of reputation. In fact, rater’s can bump up a Medium quality rating to High, just based on the site having a very positive reputation.  This is very significant because it is quite a leap between a Medium and High rating, and reputation alone is enough to jump. Fortunately, Yelp, Google+ and other reviewing companies allows us to contact reviewer and negotiate bad reviews.

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What if you have no reputation?

There was concern that your site might not be eligible for a High rating if your site just doesn’t have a reputation at all. Perhaps you aren’t the type of website that people tend to leave reviews about. Perhaps you are still relatively new. Or maybe you recently rebranded, and your reputation hasn’t followed you yet. Fortunately, a website without any reputation can be given a High rating.  So there is no need to rush out and create a fake high reputation profile simply because there aren’t any positive reviews out there for your company (as long as there aren’t any negative ones either).

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If your reputation is negative

Google states that a webpage cannot be given a High rating if the site has a negative reputation at all. They also focus on fraudulent and malicious reputations, and state websites with that bad reputation should always be given a lowest rating.

Important: Negative reputation is sufficient reason to give a page a Low quality rating. Evidence of truly malicious or fraudulent behavior warrants the lowest rating.

When looking at negative reputation in malicious or fraudulent areas, it includes things such as financial fraud reports, overwhelmingly negative reviews, negative reviews from watchdog sites and negative news reports, misleading business information, fake reviews or even fake business.

Bottom Line

Google’s Quality Rater’s Guidelines always have given some pretty good insight about what is important to Google in their search results, and the role of reputation is no exception.  But how they chose to implement and use it remains to be seen, whether they only use a selection of reputation sources or only apply it to certain types of sites (the YMYL searchers), remains to be seen.

All SEOs should be making a point of checking their site’s reputation on a regular basis, even if their sites aren’t for a local business or aren’t for an online store.  Google is asking rater’s to check the reputation on all sites, not just ones where reputation tends to be most important.

Those who offer reputation management just might get a boost from this as well, especially for those companies who just don’t have the knowledge of what to do to clean up bad reviews and enhance the positive ones. While reputation has always been fairly important, it just got bumped up on the importance scale for SEOs of all types of websites, not just those with local and ecommerce sites.

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At TimeZ (An Online Reputation Management Company ) we have professional expertise to improve/increase your site’s reputation or get rid of any negative reputation it might have. Reputation is gaining importance day by day, and has become a factor in Google Page Ranks.

At TimeZ we use social media campaigns to manage your online reputation or work with reviewing companies for instance, if you have a negative review on yelp, we can contact yelp reviewer and can negotiate bad reviews for you. Similarly with Google + or any other reviewing site.