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A mobile website is essential for every business. According to Pew Research, 91% of the US population has a cell phone. The mobile site is the quickest way to drive more business to your business. We can get your business mobile today.

TimeZ Marketing Mobile Website Builder is the simplest way to get your business on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Choose a plan that is right for your business.

Let us build a beautiful mobile website for you. We have years of experience building sites and have worked with hundreds of customers like you. Once your site is built, we can help you manage it using the TimeZ Marketing Mobile Platform.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile phone or cellular phone market is a multibillion-dollar industry which is ever growing. With such a huge demand for potential customers, mobile marketing or marketing techniques exclusive to mobile subscribers have gained immense popularity in the recent past.

Mobile marketing involves communicating with potential customers over mobile phones via text messages or sending a marketing message which allows the customers to be part of an advertising campaign.

Works on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

TimeZ website technology automatically creates your brand new website that works on all devices. We create an entirely new site with a unique mobile domain best suitable for your business needs.

Effective and Beautiful Mobile templates

Our website builder places your content into one of our amazing models to give your site a sleek and professional look that works hard to turn visitors into customers. We create an entirely new website with a unique mobile domain best suitable for your business needs.

24/7 Customer Support

We deliver, install and configure all hardware and accessories we supply to businesses with the goal of keeping you and your team running as smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We stand by you and your expectations of the products we supply

What are mobile websites?

Most modern day mobile phones or ‘smartphones ‘as they are called are capable of doing just as much as what a laptop or a portable computer can do. These devices come with advanced connectivity features that enable them to connect to a network (wireless Internet). Because of the increase in the use of mobile Internet users, many websites that are specific to mobiles have been developed, and most of them are marketing websites designed to provide marketing information to potential customers on the go.

Mobile marketers usually send links to mobile subscribers via a text message, and this directly leads to the user visiting the mobile website. Websites specific to mobiles are smaller and contain less animation than their PC based counterparts, but marketers add flair to such sites so that users are captivated and driven to purchase the product or service being marketed.

What are the advantages of mobile marketing and mobile websites?

The most significant advantage of mobile marketing and mobile websites for advertising is that they provide instant connectivity with users at all times. Most countries have mobile to population ratio well over 100% meaning that any marketing message sent to a mobile subscriber is more likely to be converted to sales than traditional modes of advertising such as email marketing.

Mobile marketing would also be cost effective as compared to making one-on-one calls and frequency of such advertising can be varied as per changes in trends. Mobile websites and marketing information can be quickly updated and requires minimal workforce for effectively implementing modifications which result in potential customers getting more updated information. Creating an interactive mobile website is much more cost effective than a traditional site, and this can help in better utilization of time and energy of support personnel.

Mobile marketing techniques including mobile websites are more likely to get better responses as texts as well as links are viewed at least once when the receiver is free and if found interesting potential customers might also share this information with a circle of friends or like-minded people resulting in better views and sales.

This kind of revenue for the manufacturer or service provider would be completely free of cost. Better brand appreciation, targeting geography-specific audience and generating loyalty among existing customers are all additional benefits of mobile marketing using mobile websites.