How to Check if Your Website is Showing up on Google Search

To check if Google knows your website or if your website is indexed on Google at all, type site: followed by your website address into Google.

Searching Google using site: in front of a domain, specifies that you only want to see search results for that specific site. If your website appears here, it means Google knows that your website exists and has already put some of its pages in our index.

How to look up your domain on Googlecom by Site colon

Notice how your site is showing up on Google Search. Is your description text precise and representative of what your website offers?

If you don’t see your website in a site: search, there could be a few problems with how your site is being crawled and indexed.

To remedy this, you can submit your site map and URLs to Google Search Console, the tool for managing your online presence on Google Search. You can also test your URLs using the URL Inspection Tool.

Google Search Console Tool - URL Search

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