Actionable Google Analytics Tips & Tricks

Google Analytics is one of the most popular free tools from Google, enriched with features that allow to track and measure website or campaign engagement.

Google Analytics is the go-to tool for SEO‘s, PPC, CRO or a Digital Marketer in general.

Here are tips that will help you measure and track your website engagement.

  • Integrate with Google Webmaster & Google Ads
  • Identify objectives & Goals
  • Define a Custom Audience
  • Assign a Monetary Value to Goals
  • Examine Top Conversion Paths
  • Measure download speed
  • User Acquisition’s tab
  • Stop Tracking Yourself
  • Schedule Automated Email Reports
  • Official Google Analytics Channels
  • Helpful Articles on Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Webmaster & Google Ads

If you have a WordPress website that requires updating the website and plugin on a constant base. Then, it’s advised using Google Tag Manager. You can update the website or change codes; the past implemented integrations will remain unchanged.

Google Search Console & Analytics Integration - TimeZ Marketing

Identify objectives & Goals

What are your website goals?? How you want to the user to interact with the site. These are all the questions, needs to be answered when defining goals. You can set goals in Google Analytics by going to the Admin section and clicking on Goals.

How to set up Goals in Google Analytics:

Define a Custom Audience

Defining custom is vital to your Digital Marketing Campaigns Success. Defining Custom audience gives the ability to retarget and remarket to users who did not convert. Helps improve the conversion rate.

Assign a Monetary Value to Goals

Goals set in the admin section of Google Analytics can be assigned Monetary value. The Monetary value helps determine ROI for the campaigns.

Examine Top Conversion Paths

Improve website user experience by understanding top conversion paths. Find out where visitors are ditching the site and how you can make the site more friendly.

Measure download speed

One of the best features Analytics provides is the website speed avg. One of the major factor for search rankings. Know your website speed and design a user-friendly website.

User Acquisition’s tab

Know the conversion rate of all channels by visiting Acquisition Tab; The tab shows the number of visits to each channel including Organic, Direct Traffic, Display Ads, Social Media, Referral and Email Marketing.

Stop Tracking Yourself

Google Analytics allows adding filters to exclude yourself and your coworkers from Analytics data. Developer or Admin visits can skew traffic information. This is important if you want to maintain a healthy bounce rate and conversion rate.

Schedule Automated Email Reports

If you are someone who does not want to login into Google Analytics view reports and wants to review the reports via Email, then, Go to the Admin Section of your Google Analytics Account.

Stay up to date with the latest Google Analytics news, and get support when you need it via these official Google Analytics channels:

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