Google Ads Search Lead Form Extension

As a business, you face multiple challenges when it comes to acquiring new leads. One of the top challenges is how to balance quality and quantity.

Do you make your form long and detailed and rik people dropping off? or do you make your form short and sweet, and not risk not having the right information to convert into those leads.

Having to trade off one for the other makes it difficult for you to effectively run campaigns that help grow your business.

The newly launched Google Ads Search Lead Form Extensions solve for this challenge by allowing you to connect everyone who may be interested in your business.

In this blog post, You will find all the information you need to add the extension into your existing campaigns.


A new ad extension to drive leads directly from the mobile search results page.  Tentative Google Ads launch: Mid-September 2019


Value for marketers, SEM Managers, and businesses

  • High-intent users submit leads while directly searching for your company, products or services
  • Fast, mobile-optimized experience instead of relying on mobile site lead forms
  • Prefilled user info reduces friction to get leads
  • No coordination with webmaster required to optimize forms
  • An efficient way to build customer lists and capture user interest

Value for users

  • Convenient to complete the form directly from search instead of navigating the mobile website
  • Relevant the moment users are looking for products or services
  • Seamless to submit with pre-populated user information
  • Fast to load and easy to type compared to mobile pages with lead forms
  • Ability to dedicate budgets toward driving leads from the mobile SERP page
  • Greater volume given headline clicks go to lead form page

Lead form ads on Search
Lead form ads on Search

Lead form ads on Search
Lead form ads on Search – Form Fill

Lead form ads on Search - TimeZ Marketing
Lead form ads on Search – Lead Confirmation.

Creative specs 

  • Extension/ad text [max 30 characters] 
  • Call to action: Choose between Learn More, Get Quote, Apply Now, Sign Up, Contact Us, Subscribe, Download, Book Now, Get Offer [NOTE: This will only serve for the extension, not the ad format] 
  • Form headline [max 30 characters]
  • Business name [max 25 characters]
  • Form description [max 200 characters]
  • Form fields*: Choose up to 4: Name, Phone Number, Email, Zip code
  • Image [16:9 ratio and 1200×628 pixels]
  • Thank you screen CTA (optional: download or visit website) [max 200 characters]

Receiving the leads

Get this information in lead reports:

  • Time stamp of lead submission
  • Name as entered
  • Email as entered
  • Phone number as entered
  • Gclid
  • Campaign id 
  • Ad group id

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