Are BirdEye Reviews Fake?

Are BirdEye Reviews Fake?

Are BirdEye Reviews Fake? 1

BirdEye is a software that helps businesses collect and leverage customer feedback. So are BirdEye reviews fake? The answer is no. 

If you’re looking at this article, chances are that you’re considering an online reputation solution. Maybe you’re not satisfied with the number of reviews your business currently has. That’s a legitimate concern. After all, reviews can help you attract more customers and rank higher on search. 

Right now, BirdEye is the highest-rated product for collecting and leveraging customer reviews. The company has been called the #1 software in online reputation by G2 based on the data from hundreds of customer reviews. 

While the company has faced some attacks, it’s true that market leaders always are hit with accusations. So let’s take some time to look at the BirdEye product. 

What You Need to Know About BirdEye Reviews 

Are BirdEye reviews fake? 

No. BirdEye helps businesses collect reviews by sending review requests to customers via text or email.

Is BirdEye compliant with Google policy? 

Yes. BirdEye is a Google partner and is 100% compliant with Google’s review solicitation policy.

How many businesses use BirdEye? 

BirdEye serves 50,000 businesses across industries, including big names like Blaze Pizza and David’s Bridal.

How does BirdEye help businesses collect reviews? 

BirdEye automatically sends review requests to customers that link to sites like Google and Facebook.

What does BirdEye cost?

BirdEye’s plans start at $200. However, plans may be more depending on the size of your business and the different features you subscribe to. You can request a custom quote by going to the BirdEye Pricing page.

What is BirdEye review?

When someone writes a review on Google or Yelp, it’s a Google or Yelp review. Similarly, BirdEye review is a review written on the BirdEye platform.

BirdEye Allows Businesses to Collect Authentic Reviews 

With BirdEye, you can send automatic emails and texts to your customers. BirdEye integrates with thousands of business systems so that you can send these emails and texts automatically. 

Again, BirdEye is a Google partner and is fully compliant with all of the site’s policies. On sites like Google, customers consistently praise BirdEye for helping them to more easily send reviews to customers. 

BirdEye’s Custom-Built Profiles 

BirdEye offers free business profiles that aggregate reviews from all over the Internet. This is a service that other review management companies do not offer. These profiles rank high on search engine result pages and show up in the Google local knowledge panel. 

BirdEye’s Review Monitoring and Management

BirdEye doesn’t just help businesses collect authentic reviews from your customers. BirdEye also provides tools like review marketing and monitoring to help businesses grow. 

BirdEye allows businesses to automatically share reviews on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Businesses also have the ability to monitor reviews on the BirdEye dashboard. 

BirdEye is the Highest-Rated Review Software

Customers love BirdEye. G2 has rated BirdEye #1 in online reputation seven consecutive times. In addition, the company won several awards from organizations like the American Business Awards and the SaaS awards. 

Small businesses all over the country use BirdEye to collect reviews and grow business. Currently, the company has over 50,000 businesses paying for its services. 

In Conclusion 

BirdEye is compliant with the policies of major review sites. The product is highly-rated by customers, has won several recognitions from esteemed organizations, and is used by more than 50,000 businesses. The evidence shows that BirdEye is a 100% legitimate company.  

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