Amazon Marketing Services AMS

At TimeZ Marketing we have the expertise to help leverage Amazon resources work best for your products and services. We align AMS, Google Shopping, & Google Ads campaigns goals and objectives strategy and provide reports of ROI and spendings.

Amazon Marketing Services AMS

Amazon marketing service is Amazon’s version of PPC Pay Per Click similar to Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords. AMS platform is still immature, making it hard for advertising to utilize the tool at its best.

Our experience working with Amazon Marketing Services for the past three years has enabled us to make the best use of your Ads budget. Reach out to us for Sponsored Ads,  Display Ads, Video Ads, and Amazon Stores

Here is how TimeZ Marketing increased iBaby Sales 178% and reduced ACOS by 77%. The report is received by iBaby’s dedicated AMS account manager. 

  • Increased Sales by 178%
  • 77% Decrease in ACOS w/PDA (Product Display Ads)

AMS Performance Comparison 2017 & 2018


Launched in February 2015 Amazon Marketing Services AMS has been only a few years on the market compared to Google Ads launched over a decade ago. The concept for the optimization of Google Ads and AMS are almost the same. The only big difference we can see is the maturity level of the products.

Bottom line Strategy:

TimeZ MArketing used lesson learnings from Google Ads in achieving iBaby’s optimizations success.

Lesson learning from Google Ads

  • Identify High Conversion Rate Keywords
  • Optimize bid and Ads copy content
  • Product Page Optimization to increase Quality Score that will increase CTR and CR
  • IDentifying Negative Keywords
  • Allocating Daily around 1 hour for optimizations
  • Working with the assigned dedicated Account Manager and reviewing business goals and objectives
  • Creating Individual Branded and Non-Branded Keyword campaigns.

How does it work?

  1. We Create the Ads
    • Product Display Ads & Campaigns
    • Headline Search
    • Sponsored Products
  2. Ads display in search results or on the product detail page.
  3. Pay only, when shoppers click the add. You also can pause or end the ad campaign at any time.
  4. Measure your return on investment, detailed reports to show clicks, sales, and more.


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Amazon Marketing Services Tips

  • Always maintain ACOS of below 30%


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