Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Tips

Here are Five Amazon Marketing Services Tips vital to the success of your campaigns.

  • Content Optimization & Strategy. The inclusion of high spends keywords in the products detail page.
  • Always maintain ACOS of below 30%
  • Get your AMS store live if you have not done already
  • Work with Amazon account manager to receive weekly optimization updates including keywords bid adjustment and Keywords inclusion and removal.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes per day going through performance for each campaign.
  • Use manual targeting ensuring the marketing budget is spent right.
  • Sponsored products and Headline search branded keywords campaign
  • Try different content variation and ad copies

Getting Started

How can I get started with Amazon Marketing Services?

Explore our range of useful resources:

1. Advertising Overview
2. New Advertiser Success Guide for Sponsored Products:
3. 2018 Advertising Best Practices
4. Weekly Webinar Series
5. Watch Amazon short video tutorials:
– Sponsored Products
– Headline Search Ads
– Product Display Ads
6. Success Stories: Learn how other advertisers have seen positive results with Amazon Marketing Services.
7. Review the Amazon Marketing Services Agreement

Where can I learn more about optimizing my campaigns?

1. Want to understand how you can take your campaign to the next level? Watch our Webinars for tips on campaign success.
2. Optimization Guide: Headline Search Ads
3. Optimization Guide: Sponsored Products
4. Optimization Guide: Product Display Ads

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