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Mission Statement:

“Our goal is to help Businesses succeed using latest marketing trends, provide them with information to make the right decisions.”

TimeZ Marketing is SF Bay Area SEO Agency, Internet Marketing and Consulting Company providing affordable and successful website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Integration, Web-Analytics, Mobile Website design and hosting, And Local business listings.


TimeZ Marketing merely exists to support businesses finding customers. We specialize in strengthening communication between Businesses and Potential Clients. TimeZ Marketing team is ready to help your business take full advantage of the power of online marketing. You don’t have to worry about managing the day to day details of your campaigns. Our team handles all required tasks and allows you spend your valuable time doing other important business tasks. (Bay Area Online Marketing Services)

Website Design, Redesign and Upgrade:

Website is one of the most important tools required for business, it is considered to be the virtual shop for your business where you will like to decorate it as much as you can, which in return bring revenue into business. At TimeZ we use latest website design and marketing technologies which gives us an edge, some of the technologies used are WordPress, HTML5, and Dreamweaver etc. Additionally, we also provide website Hosting service with lowest price possible, sometimes even free with complete package, whether an E-Commerce tool for creating a new lay out, TimeZ Marketing is here to help all your business needs.

Website Redesign:

Technology change over time, if you have a website and needs redesign to attract more customers or it does not deliver the intended business message, our experienced staff can help you customize your website to the business needs. Whether new layout for the pages or a complete transfer we are here to help you in the process. Updating your website to latest marketing trends gives an edge over competitors. Search engine like engines like Google highly prefer websites using latest technologies and marketing trends in order to achieve first page Google ranking.

Add Blog to Your Website:

Adding blog is as important as making the website. A blog is a feature through which we can update the website regularly with fresh content. To receive high ranking on search engines one of the most important factor considered is content and how often it gets updates, for examples promotions and deals. Our preferred technology for creating website is WordPress, WordPress is a tool which provides the functionality of a website and a blog. It allows us to easily upload and update content in regards to business needs. At Timez we can install the blog feature and also create a system to all users easily update content without needing experts help. Contact TimeZ Marketing and get help in making your website reach more customers by targeting more keywords.

Social Media Marketing:

Reputation management is an important aspect of business, Social Media marketing consists of constantly updating Social Media accounts such as Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn with fresh content, promotions and deals.  In order to gain first page rankings, it gives an edge over competitors. Commonly used social media accounts are Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Google plus and YouTube. One of the methods used by search engines while page ranking is checking how engaged the business is with customers? The only way to measure that would be to through social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing builds trust and confidence between businesses and clients. Customers conduct a thorough research of a business in its social media, where they find pictures, video, reviews, testimonials, and ultimately decide if they want to go with the purchase or not.  If you want to have a good online reputation where customers receive all the satisfaction and trust they need then contact TimeZ online Marketing, our experienced staff will help you customize your Website to accommodate the changing needs in the Online Marketing world.

Search Engine Optimization Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a web based process of enhancing the visibility and visitors of a website. It is a useful technique used by marketers to have an edge over competitors. Nowadays, for every purpose there are thousands of websites, How can you make your website rank in first page? That is only possible through search engine optimization. Rules and regulations on how a website is ranked is set by Search Engine Companies mostly Google since they have huge number of daily visitors. A website will rank in top if it has followed the rules and guidelines set by search engines, and marketers work hard to make their website more compatible with search engines. There are a number of SEO factors considered in determining a webpage’s rank, and search engine change rules regularly in order to be able to provide relevant information. Some of the common methods used, are creating relevant content, providing Meta’s and Meta description to pages, rename images with keywords and providing alternative text etc.

As Information gathering systems have developed, more and more information is gathered by companies such as Google. An amount of $1billion searches are performed daily using Google search engine, over a decade they have gathered huge amount of data enabling to learn more and more about users search patterns, such as Black Hat marketing described as when companies use unethical means to gain high ranking on Google pages and then adopting their system to growing needs.  Google has changed since 2008; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques used during 2008 and before are no longer valid. Google have had multiple changes in recent times

Search Engine optimization services San Jose Ca

Search Engine optimization services San Jose Ca

such as panda and penguin update in May 2013. The new algorithmic changes to the search engine system allows to better prevent unethical means of getting page ranking, and provide relevant and accurate information to its customers. All this is possible by the new Informative data gathered which guides them to adopt to strategies of better serving their customers, transparency and be a leader in the market.

Over 82% of all the global searches are performed through Google and 17% through Yahoo and Bing. SEO ensures that your website can be found on famous search engines likes Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is that free marketing tool which you need for your business and results can be seen in long and Short Term.

Pay Per Click Marketing:

One of the advantages of traditional advertising is that it’s simple. Companies can purchase air time on radio or television or ad space in newspapers or in magazines. But the internet is different. There are many ways a business can get their message across online, from articles to emails to search engine results pages. But arguably the most effective form of virtual marketing is pay-per-click.

Pay per click has eleven ads in a Google Search page, the first three sponsored links and eight side ads. Pay per click marketing is more flexible then SEO, you don’t need to verify your Google places listing and you can choose to show your ad targeted at any geographical area. You can choose your budget and bid, you can also choose to select which time of the day your ads are delivered, and you can choose the search keyword you would like to pay for. The cost of pay per click marketing is more than doing SEO for your business.

Mobile Website – Design – Hosting

Mobile phone or cellular phone market is a multibillion dollar industry which is ever growing. With such a huge market for potential customers, mobile marketing or marketing techniques exclusive to mobile subscribers have gained immense popularity in the recent past.

Mobile marketing involves communicating with potential customers over mobile phones via text messages or sending a marketing message which allows the customers to be part an advertising campaign.

Google pays attention to website which has mobile redirects meaning has a domain name starting with m, as an example if you browse YouTube on your phone, the domain name changes to m.youtube.com instead of www.youtube .com, If you have a mobile redirect missing, that has negative effect on your Google Page Ranking and your website won’t be shown in Google’s first page or when people search through their phone for your business.

Facebook Marketing Consultants:

Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide. 50% of the users logging to their accounts at least once a day, which gives an opportunity for business to target customers based on Age, Gender, Likes, Marital Status etc. It has many advantages to a Website Google Rank; Business with too many likes is likely to be shown more often on search engines.

YouTube Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing demand has been increasing day by day; companies try to deliver their information about their services via a video which makes it a lot easier for customers to know. YouTube is part of Google partners, and was bought by Google in the year 2008.

Service Areas:

Bay Area San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Sunny vale, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos and Surrounding Areas.

Current Clients:

Cater man Catering Inc.:

Cater man Catering is Bay Area’s Catering services company, The Company started in 1994 and since then it has made huge progress in their areas of services. Cater man provides catering services to Events, Weddings, Private Events, and Corporate Events.

The Corporate Catering:

The Corporate Catering started in 2012 focused on providing catering to Corporate Events, since the company started it has many clients; most popular are Cisco, Google, and Facebook.

Serious Imaging:

Serious Imaging is bay area’s Graphics design and printing company started in 1995, since then the company has grown immensely and looking forward to opening sub office in the bigger Los Angeles Area. Serious Imaging has a reputation for its top notch logo designs.

At TimeZ online Marketing we provide Internet Marketing and Consulting Services which comprise of,

  • Website Design – Edit – Host
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile Website Design and Hosting
  • Facebook Marketing Campaigns
  • YouTube Marketing Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps for Business
  • And many more,

All the services come with a monthly low fee; our prices are competitive and would definitely beat any prices. We provide quality service in a timely manner.

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