5 Effective Social Media Strategies

Information, on how to effectively engage with customers through social media. Be Active, Interesting, Humble, unprofessional and Honest.

Be Active:

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Every relationship is built on shared experience, and your relationship with social media users is no different. Your customers aren’t going to initiate contact with you, so it is up to you to begin those relationships and sustain contact, Social media is all about actively engaging with your users.

Be Interesting:

If you want your customers to engage with you need to give them a reason for doing so. Get in touch with your users. Find out what they want to hear from you, then develop and post content that fits their expectations.

Be Humble:

Every social media application has its own history and set of basic rules. Take the time to do a little research and figure out the best way to approach any given platform.

Be Unprofessional:

Social media users want to relate to you. There is no need to spend piles of money to hire a professional blog writer or design a flawless Twitter presence. Talk to them as if they were your friends, and pretty soon they will be.

Be Honest:

If you make a mistake and it shows up on your Wikipedia page, admit to it, apologize, and move on. Trying to stealthily erase the fact from the web is only to backfire.


5 Effective Social Media Strategies


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